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The Joyaires upcoming dates: Had a great interview with Dan Bell at WJBZ this afternoon in conjunction with the WJBZ Senior Living Conference at the North Acres Baptist Church, Millertown Pike, Knoxville, TN this Thursday starting at 10:30 AM. There will be lots of things going on that day and lunch from Tony Gores Restaurant will be served. The Watson Brothers, Cathy Crabb Hannah and the Joyaires will be there. We would love to see you there. Call 865-577-4885 for more information.  This next Sunday June 26th 11:00 AM the Joyaires will be at Faith Baptist Tabernacle, Jamestown, TN.
Please come be with us, and if you can't come please pray for the services.

Click on the link below to hear the Joyaires live singing "We're Not Home Yet".  It is quite lengthy but we are working on that, enjoy.


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